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Charismatic Churches of India, is an Anglican Diocese, consecrated and installed in the Anglican Traditions on the 27th of November 2012. The vision of CCI Diocese, even at its inception, was unique and much needed for the time, which was to unite the independent, charismatic and bible-believing churches, recognizing the ministry of ministers and leaders, who left their everything in obedience to God’s call. This was such a major task that had to be done and get accepted through several levels and mindsets of the Charismatic Christian world and hence the journey continued through its challenges.


The History of CCI, can be linked back to the pre-independence era of Christianity in India. The Church of England, formed its missionary wing, Church Missionary Society – CMS on the 12th of April 1799. The CMS initiated its missionary in India in 1814, working and ministering among the needy and poor, helping the untouchables and showing the love and care that the Bible taught us to do. The CMS Missionaries initiated their work in Kerala in 1816, along with the other Orthodox Churches in the State.
Further down the road, the CMS Missionaries rapidly carried out their missionary activities which enabled the Church of England to establish three major dioceses in Calcutta, Bombay, Madras and in 1879, the Diocese of Travancore & Cochin, mainly constituting Missionary Christians.
Though the Missionary activity was well received in the country, the administration was not, which was when the Indian Struggle Freedom was strengthened. National Leaders of the country, caused a great wave among the people to unite for the freedom from the British Oppression and following India achieved its independence on the 15th of August 1947. All these years of missionary movement, from 1816 – 1947, were able to produce only three ordained priests, the last of them being Rev. V. J. Stephen.


Foreseeing the attainment of Indian Independence and the return of the British Hierarchy and CMS, The Diocese of Travancore & Cochin, adopted a new constitution in 1928 and a Trust – Travancore and Cochin Diocesan Trust Association – TCDTA was registered, in order to merge the assets of the Church Missionary Society – CMS. Followingly, in1947, the Diocese of Travancore and Cochin, with a provision to withdraw its membership within 30 years, merged with the newly formed Church of South India – CSI, which branched out from the Church of England.


The church administration which followed, did not adhere to the founded principles and basics of the agreements signed and caused great misunderstandings and commotions in the church, owing to which the clergy and leaders of the diocese, under Bishop Corefield, resolved for a Separate Administration Movement – SAM from the Church of South India. It was after years of hardships and challenges, made into effect following the Nalanda Council in 1964, and Rev. V. J. Stephen installed as the Spiritual Administrator on the 5th of May 1965.
This further led to greater persecution and unrecognition for the diocese which had to be dealt with. The Leadership of the Diocese met with Dr. Carl McIntire, president of the International Council of Christian Churches - ICCC, who upon hearing the Faith and Order of the Diocese, invited it to be a part of ICCC. Dr. McIntire paved the way, and Rev. V. J. Stephen was consecrated as the first Bishop of the Renovated Diocese, constitution mostly of Missionary Christians, on the 5th of May 1966, by The Most Rev. Dr. James Parker Dees, Metropolitan of the Anglican Orthodox Church, NC, USA. Bishop Stephen was later elevated as Archbishop in 1983. He went beyond the veil in 1986, leaving behind a great and sacred legacy, followed by his Co Adjutor Bishop, The present Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of India, The Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Vattappara.


Charismatic Churches of India, is therefore in communion with the Anglican Church of India, headed by the Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Vattappara, recognizing its hard and challenging journey in safeguarding the Anglican Faith in the country. Bishop Reinhard C. Sekar, of CCI Diocese, was elevated as an Archbishop by the Metropolitan and also serves as one of the Vice-Chairmen of the Anglican Church of India Synod.
Archbishop Reinhard also serves, as the Archbishop of The Evangelical Episcopal Communion – EEC , headed by Archbishop & Patriarch, The Most Rev. Dr. Russell McClanahan, based in Florida, USA. Charismatic Churches of India, is therefore functioning for the wellness of the churches in India and Abroad,
- As a Diocese in full communion with the Anglican Church of India
- As an Archdiocese of EEC for the province of Asia
- As a part of the International Council of Christian Churches
- As a part of Global Anglican Future Conference – GAFCON
- As an Anglican Diocese, by the following of the 4 pillars of the Lambeth Conference.


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