God has been good and gracious to us over these years and let us all thank Him for His wonderful deeds and miraculous ways that He has led us thus far. This year, 2021, our Lord God is not going to be anything less than marvelous. He has promised us with the verse,

At that time I will bring you back,Even at the time I gather you;For I will give you fame and praise Among all the peoples of the earth,When I return your captives before your eyes,”Says the Lord.

Zephaniah 3: 20

Our Lord Jesus has indeed promised us that this year will surely be a year of miracles, a year of restoration of all that you lost and a year of new beginnings, where you see lot of new doors opening for you. The situations surrounding may not look promising or hopeful. But our God is. He is faithful to fulfill His promises for us.

We may not see anything happening surrounding us but the real truth is that everything for our good has already been done at the cross. Jesus paid for everything because of which we are in the position to expect good things in the days to come. All our valleys of worry, distress, lack and sickness will be filled with the living waters of happiness, joy, plenty and health. Wherever you witnessed a depressing state, there will you experience a happiness like never before. He will restore you all that you may have lost over the years. New beginnings, new doors, promotions and greater blessings are coming your way.

All that we have to do is to make ditches, a way for the water to fill us up. Holy Spirit is our living water. As we give space for him in our life, we can see Him working in marvelous ways. These are the end times where we have to rise up as soldiers of the Gospel. Our message of salvation should reach the people accompanied with signs and wonders. We are the revival of our nation. With God, this is a simple thing.

But all these are possible only when we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit and his guidance in the coming days. He is about to do greater works in which we also should take an active part. Therefore let us yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit and thereby witness a marvelous miraculous year! God Bless you!