People around the world, know Archbishop Reinhard Chandrashekar as a Charismatic Worshiper and Dynamic preacher with his, sharp, spot on prophecies and bold deliverance of God’s Rhema word with authority. But there is a lot to his life, family and ministry, that needs attention.


Archbishop Reinhard was born on the 27th of December 1966, in the city of Coimbatore, as the second of 4 sons to an atheist Father and an Idol worshiping Mother. This difference of principles was enough to create enough stir and chaos in the family, and they were left with no peace. Tough situations in home led him to work for wages at a very young age with which they led their family, but only to a point where they forced to commit suicide because of the debts and problems that engulfed them. But God, because of his Grace and mercy, intervened and called them out on their way to death, saying ‘ye who labor and are with heavy burden, come unto me and I will give you rest.’ The whole family gave up their lives to Jesus who performed a wondrous miracle the next day, proving that He is with them. Thus their life in the Lord started


At the age of 14, his life drastically changed as he was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to be used by God to heal the sick, drive out demons and to gather people to his Kingdom. He went to places that could not be reached, far and wide, with his testimony and the gospel of the Lord, winning many souls. Alongside his ‘Kingdom Work’ his professional life too flourished. Being educationally qualified as a Civil Engineer, he had his own enterprise with people employed. God was merciful to help him in all his undertakings and blessed him well.

In the May of 1991, he was married to his beautiful wife Esther, who has proved to be a greater support in the progress of the ministry. And during this time, God specifically called Pastor Reinhard, for His work and confirmed His calling through many of His prophets. And so in accordance with that, he left his well flourishing and profiting business and stepped in to battlefield.

Archbishop Reinhard started a church in the June of 1999, called New Life City Cathedral. Initially there were hardships, tough times, financial crisis and discouragement but with the strength of God they were able to endure and come out victoriously. And now, more than a decade later, Pastor Reinhard is one of the well-known ministers of God in the Country, with a strongly equipped church in the heart of the city. Furthermore, in the year 2012, with the formation and installation of the Diocese of CCI. God bestowed him with an even more responsibility as a Archbishop, to be recognized and to be a voice for the voiceless and oppressed. Now Archbishop Reinhard is even more passionate and persuaded to reach the millions around the world with the Gospel and also to be a support for those who are running the same race.


Archbishop Reinhard’s wife, Esther, is a virtuous woman of prayer, who has fervently supported the ministry since its inception and is still continuing to do so in all manners. Their two sons, Finney & Sunny are also actively involved in the ministry so as to work towards the establishment of the Kingdom of God in this earth.


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