Suffragan Metropolitan


Archbishop Ratnam Paul, is internationally known for his powerful sermons and as the Senior Pastor of The Fort of praise Ministries whose ministry extends around the world. His ministry has been characterized by his commitment to pastoral ministry as the appropriate context of theological scholarship. He is also noted for hosting inspirational “Church Growth Conferences in several parts of the world”. He is known as one with a burning passion for the gospel and has a vision for India. Archbishop has over more than 50 years of experience in, Teaching, Preaching, Discipleship, Pastoral care, Worship, Leadership,and in developing the ministry’s visions, goals and objectives. He has also worked with adults, college students, teens and youth both in para church contexts and in local church settings.


So far the Lord has enabled him to
– Train more than 250 full time Pastors.
– Plant more than 30 churches in various parts of Tamil Nadu-South India.
– Plant 20 churches in various parts of Tamil Nadu-South India.
– Conducted more than 1000 mega Crusades in India.
– Conducted Deliverance camps, Church Growth & Leadership Seminar in India and all over the World.
– Establish “House Church Training Center” in Tirunelveli .


Archbishop Ratnam Paul is married to his beautiful wife, Mrs. Rosemary Ratnam Paul, who has been in his side in his journey with the Lord. They have 5 children, with his Eldest Son, Pastor Noxon Paul Wesley is serving the Lord as an Associate Pastor on the Fort of Praise Ministries, along with his other son, Pastor Peterson Paul Ebenezer, as the Associate Pastor of the Fort of Praise English Church.


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